Accepting a LaunchCode applicant has all the excitement and terror of a first date.

Companies are committing a substantial amount of time, money and effort by taking a LaunchCode placement which might not work out.

We decided to put our money where our mouth is and become one of the first to invest in St. Louis through LaunchCode.

Kathy Heffern @GoGoYelloScreen

Kathy joined Efeqdev as a placement on May 12, 2014 and is currently excelling in her duties and learning!

Series 1

How I Got Into Programming

Chris Zempel @ze_unit | LinkedIn

Chris accepted a full-time position with the team after his placement period ended. We are happy every day that he is with us!

Series 1

More Than Just Programming by Chris Oliver

From Nil to Placement by Chris Zempel

Series 2

Incrementally Learning by Chris Oliver

Test Your Might: How I’m Getting Up to Speed by Chris Zempel

Series 3

Where’s the Meat? by Chris Oliver

Working at Efeqdev by Chris Zempel